giovedì 12 marzo 2015

How to learn stenography

What is it like to learn stenography?
Lars Doucet, a professional game designer, just bought a Stenoboard and started learning to stenotype as soon as he received the kit.
And he also started writing a shared online diary where every day he details his experience with Stenoboard, LearnPlover, and a couple of online drilling tools: tranklements and Stenomatic 9000.
He also posted on his blog about this, where he gives an introduction to the motivations behind wanting to learn stenography and writing his diary.

Lars also took the time to test his current QWERTY typing speed, and he tests his stenotyping speed weekly, so you can get an idea of how fast one can learn steno from scratch.

The diary also contain lot of tips and tricks that are very useful to stenotype beginners:
- a mnemonic to easily remember the order of steno keys: STKPWHRAO*EUFRPBLGTSDZ.
- a trick to remember the chords that are needed to type long vowels.
- various tricks to remember the chords that are needed to type consonants
- fingerspelling tips
- and lot of other tips, tricks and insights in the steno learning process

If you are considering learning stenography or if you are currently in the process of doing so, Lars' diary is an amazing, detailed, helpful and motivating resource that you cannot miss!

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