giovedì 23 aprile 2015

Wearable Mobile Stenoboard Text-To-Speech

 StenoSpeak system (with Stenoboard 1.0 prototype)

The last weekend a team won the second prize ($3000!!!) at the AT&T Connect Ability Hackaton, with an amazing entry: StenoSpeak for Android, which allows anyone with sufficient motor abilities to communicate at realtime conversational speeds using text-to-speech, anywhere!
The team, composed by , and , designed and developed a system based on Stenoboard, an Android phone and Brent Nesbitt's StenoKeyboard app, which is actually an augmentative and alternative communication device: this allows anyone who needs it to speak via text-to-speech synthesis.

When we released Stenoboard one year ago, we could have never imagined such a fast and positive progress: this is the beauty of open source hardware, and this is one of the reasons which made us opt for an open source license for Stenoboard!

If you want more details about this amazing project, please check the related blog post wrote by Mirabai on her Plover's blog.

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